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Kids Taekwonda In Ballina

kids taekwondo in ballina

Teach Your Child Respect And Self-Defence With Taekwondo At Strike Martial Arts

Training in martial arts is one of the best starts you can give your child. Martial Arts offer lessons in self-discipline, focus, coordination, and more! Here at Strike Martial Arts, we're dedicated to providing Kids Martial Arts classes in Ballina that are guaranteed to set your child up for success.

What Can My Child Learn In Martial Arts Classes?

Martial Arts training is the perfect way to teach your child the lessons they need to succeed in all parts of life. Our expert team will teach your child how to respect themselves and others, be determined and never give up, all while having fun! Plus, our Kids Martial Arts classes incorporate exercises that teach fitness and agility in a way that feels like they're playing. They'll have a great time and you'll love the benefits!

Sign your child up for Martial Arts classes at Strike Martial Arts to enjoy:
  • Increased Focus & Self Control
  • Heightened Balance & Coordination
  • Effective Self-Defence Skills
  • New Friends From All Backgrounds

  • Martial Arts Training Can Never Start Too Early

    With all of the benefits that training in martial arts can offer, we wanted to make sure that parents could start their children in classes as soon as possible! Our instructors have cultivated 2 different programs specifically designed to cater to the needs of different age groups. We start enrolling children as young as age 4.

    Aussie Dragons (Ages 4-6)

    Our Aussie Dragons program is a highly motivational introduction to martial arts. We start with the fundamentals of martial arts and focus on building their balance and agility. These classes are full of fun and excitement to make sure your kid stays entertained even while they're learning!

    Juniors (Ages 7-13)

    Our Juniors class still incorporates all of the fun and fundamentals that your child learned in Aussie Dragons, but it also allows a chance for your child to be challenged with new techniques. Our Juniors graduate through the ranks and get to learn the benefits of hard work and perseverance.

    Lay A Foundation For Your Child With Martial Arts

    We know that you want the best of the best for your child. That's why we take our martial instruction seriously. Parents from all over Ballina and Lennox Head are already experiencing the benefits of their child in martial arts. Come see us at Strike Martial Arts today!

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