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Strike Martial Arts is the premier Taekwondo,
martial art and fitness school on the far north coast of NSW

Martial Arts & Fitness in Ballina

If you live in Ballina or Alstonville, and want to learn Taekwondo or Kickboxing from the best school around, you’ve come to the right place. We have self defence and karate martial arts programs for children, kids, youths, teens and adults. We also offer family self defence and family martial arts programs, along with a dedicated women’s self defence program. Fight Like A Girl Australia (FLAG)

At Strike Martial Arts, we believe everyone can be a champion in life. Shane Mckeahnie is the founder and head instructor, and he has been helping students of all ages improve their lives for over three decades. At Strike Martial Arts we truly believe training in the martial arts is life changing. No matter what your goal, weight loss, self defense skills or simply just to have a great workout, we have a program that will challenge everyone.

Strike MA feedback - Thanks Jess

From my first day at Strike Martial Arts in 2004; I was surrounded by encouragement, support and enthusiasm. I was welcomed with open arms and that sentiment continued throughout the years I trained at Strike.

The calibre of the people at Strike is immeasurable, Master Shane and Ms Nicole are two of the most dedicated, passionate and supportive people I have been lucky enough to meet. The relaxed and friendly nature of the club creates an overriding sense of community; which made my journey to become a Black Belt an unforgettable and gratifying experience.

Strike became like a second family, not only a place to which I came to train, but rather, somewhere which encouraged me to reach my goals. The dedication, respect and humility which I learnt throughout my training; I believe, contributed to my success in my studies and career path as a medical practitioner.

The skills and techniques which I acquired throughout studying martial arts were only one aspect of what was learnt during my time at Strike Martial Arts; I learnt the value of determination, self-respect, commitment and friendship.

Strike Martial Arts provided me with so much, but I hold nothing more dear than the time I was blessed to share with a group of truly astonishing people – the memories gained will forever be held close. The training experience provided by Strike is unique, in that it offers a friendly and encouraging atmosphere; whilst ensuring you are pushed to reach your full potential. For that, I will forever be grateful. - Jessica O’Connor

Why Strike Martial Arts?

At Strike Martial Arts we understand that life is always changing, that's why we are always changing to make sure all our classes are fun, energetic and educational. Our goal is to have every member leave Strike smiling, sweating and having learned something new every time they train.
Strike Martial Arts is an activity for the entire family. Studies show that training in the martial arts helps instill values that last a lifetime. No matter whether you are a child, teen or adult you will learn important life skills such as; commitment, discipline, focus and concentration.
If you are looking for a program to help with weight loss, self defence, self discipline, improve strength and flexibility or to enhance your focus and self esteem. It doesn’t matter what your reason, we have a program that will help you achieve your goals. Our programs will help change your life for ever.