Youth Programs

Elite Junior Martial Arts Program

At Strike Martial Arts we pride ourselves on being the premier Taekwondo/martial art school in Ballina and Alstonville. We teach youth and teenagers the skills they need to succeed while they learn to protect themselves. Our system and teaching methods are simply life-transforming, and will help your child to achieve any goal they set.

At Strike Martial we call our 7 to 14 years our Elite Juniors. Our juniors learn more than just punching and kicking, they learn valuable life skills that will help them forever. We take great pride in our Elite junior program and are often complemented on how polite and courteous our students are.

Elite Teenage program

Strike Martial Arts has a Teens only program which teaches a range of skills that are specific to the challenges that our teenagers face today. Our Teenage class is a fun, high energy class which teaches practical defence techniques to help them with both their fitness and self esteem. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that we help change people lives through our martial arts.
At Strike Martial Arts we believe that learning self defence skills is a vital tool that everyone should have. Self defence isn’t just about learning to defend against physical attacks. It can also be about leading a healthy life style to fight against health issues like obesity, diabetes and low self esteem issues. But if it does come down to having to use physical force to stop an attack, our self defence skills are practical and effective.

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