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Street Edge Krav Maga Training In Ballina

stree edge krav maga in ballina

Protect Yourself With Street Edge Krav Maga At Strike Martial Arts

Designed by Paul Johnstone, Street Edge Krav Maga is Australia's #1 defensive tactics program. Here at Strike Martial Arts, our team is using Paul's Krav Maga course to provide our neighbours in Ballina, Lennox Head, and Alstonville with a safer community. Come join us to heighten your awareness and learn effective methods of self protection!

Protect Your Community. Protect Yourself

At Strike Martial Arts, our Street Edge Krav Maga program is not designed to teach people how to fight. Our priority is to provide our community with the tools to protect themselves in dangerous situations. No matter the threat, training with us will teach you the proper approach to neutralize your attacker. And because Krav Maga techniques are based in bringing your opponent to the ground, it's the perfect self-defence training for people of all sizes!

Our Street Edge Krav Maga program offers training in:
  • Ground Survival
  • Defence Against Multiple Attackers
  • Knife Attack Defence
  • Self Protection Against Firearms
  • Home Invasion Defence Techniques

  • Self Defence Training In Ballina
    Self-Defence Classes For The Modern World

    At Strike Martial Arts, we are committed in making our community a safer place through proper instruction and support. By helping our members from Ballina, Lennox Head, and Alstonville become more skilled in awareness and self-defence techniques, we hope to achieve our goals. Come join one of our Street Edge Krav Maga classes today!

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