Fight Like a Girl AU


At Strike Martial Arts we have combined over 60 years of martial arts and self defence training to develop a program specifically for women. This program focuses on the training of master instructors Shane McKeahnie and Phil Monaghan who are both 6th degree black belts.

Both teachers have extensive experience teaching Security and Law Enforcement officers real world self defence techniques. Their insight into this world of self defence and situations specifically geared toward women are what makes this program amazing.

Strike Martial arts has developed a specific women’s self defence program which focuses on real world self defence. We understand the need to be able to run short courses that are effective and efficient. Many of the women who start with our self defence courses transition into our full time adult classes and gain the added benefits of fitness, flexibility and a sense of belonging to a family of like minded people. many of the students at strike gain life time friends from training here.


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